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Efficient ventilation mode?

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In the vehicle settings on the center display you can set: Efficient ventilation mode.

What does it do?

Does it cool more efficient, thus using more power. Or the opposite, it takes longer but is more power efficient?

What is the default value? I can't remember it anymore.
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not sure what setting you are looking at :?:
I think it should say "Eco"
sounds more like it
I do not mean the Eco/Fast/Normal mode. On the climate controls.

When you press the gear icon on the edge of the Touch 2 system and go to Vehicle menu.
(Engine must be turned on, wait until it goes from greyed out to selectable.)
Select vehicle customization. (translated from Dutch) select Climate Customization. Then you can check Efficient Ventilation Mode.
Strange. Can't find anything like that in the manual. Checked all available options under vehicle customization, but nothing related to climate control. Seems I'll have to wait for my car to check it live
no idea what it does but my car setting has a tick in it and will stay that way ;)
Karmalakas said:
Strange. Can't find anything like that in the manual.
Not all the settings under vehicle customization are in the manual, but most are self explainatory.

But I found a video on YouTube
about a Prius.
I guess it means the ventilation system is more power efficient.
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