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Dynamic Standard Interior

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has anyone got any links or pictures of the standard non-leather interior of the Dynamic trim?

thanks in advance

jaffa :D
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Mine is LHD and I am not sure what exactly you need to see, but here is a short video of the interior I made a month ago:
JulianoG said:
here is a short video of the interior I made a month ago
Good thing this Lane assist :D You can keep filming and it keeps beeping :D
Not only beeping, safe too - it also steers the car back if you cross the lane. Very useful for "filmmakers" :lol:
here you go.


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In Netherlands the Dynamic trim has a full black interior. Also the seats.
ans said:
here you go.
Thanks 'ans' that's great.....only picture I've seen of the standard seat interior which I'm getting. looks good. :D
they are still heated which is nice, and has electric lumber support which i didnt know about
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