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Do they get in Japan rear camera view with dynamic lines?

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P. S. Rob, Youtube button doesn't work when posting a Youtube link
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i dont get the question , but they dont seem to get a black roof.
Sorry for my English :) I mean in Europe all the packages come with 8" display and static rear camera guidance lines, but in this video you see 9" display and dynamic guidance lines changing while turning the wheel.
good spot. i didn't notice till you said, they must get better specs in japan
In Japan C-HR is offered with T-Connect systems. It may seem a better deal, but there are no DAB radio and JBL system.
I'd probably prefer T-Connect, because JBL is too expensive in my opinion and DAB isn't available so widely (in my country it's not available at all)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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