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Displaying text messages sent to iPhone

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Bluetooth pairing not a problem, MyToyota indicates that SMS messages should be displayed (iPhone 6 IOS 10.2.1)Has anybody successfully been able to display incoming TXT? Not sure if it's connected but unable to connect to my toyota account in the car.
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Me too at the start but then just started working!! Sorry but don't know what I touched! Lol
mobile hots spot on :idea: , im on Android so cant help with iphone :(
Texts are showing fine from my android. Didn't have to do anything other than sync blue tooth
I have an iPhone 7 paired. It works for internet, calls and music but messages and email is greyed out on the menu options :(
I think I have managed to answer my own question after further research.

On the iPhone Go to Settings >Bluetooth Select 'Toyota Touch 2 with Go' and press the 'i' icon and then Turn On "Show Notifications'
Thanks, i changed the settings on my iPhone. Tomorrow i will see what happens. I hope only the messages appear and not my emails.
Changing the settings on the iPhone works for receiving text messages on the Toyota Touch 2 with Go (thanks njr001), but I still can't get the email option; that one stays grey and can't be selected.
I receive too many emails, would be too disturbing in the car. I like to listen to my own music and relax a bit.
emails not available on iphone 7 running 10.1 or 10.2
you can check your phones compatabilaty here:
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