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Discounts on CHR

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I'm sure you are familiar with the "strictly no discounts" line being used by Toyota Dealers around the country, so I was a little surprised to find this link (see below) to an internet company selling all variants of the CHR at substantial discounts. I have spoken to this company and they are quoting delivery dates exactly the same as those being given by Toyota Dealers. The cars are ordered directly from Toyota, taken to your local dealer, prepped, and then delivered to you. This company has negotiated a bulk discount with Toyota, and this saving is being passed on to customers.

I felt I needed to query this with Toyota GB, because it really didn't seem right that an external supplier could offer these discounts, when their own dealer network was claiming that Toyota had forbidden them to discount the cars at all.

The Toyota Customer Services Manager I spoke to said she was unaware of any such restriction placed on dealers by the company, and that Toyota sold cars to their dealer network at a fixed price, and it was up to the dealer whether they offered discounts to their customers on the cars.

I'm really not sure what's going on here, but maybe the big Toyota franchises got together and decided the car can sell itself without the need for discounts. Big profits for them, bad deals for us, and they can blame the manufacturer for it if a customer isn't happy. I'm not saying that's the case, but I think the whole thing is very fishy indeed.

Anyway here's the link for the big savings, and if you have already paid for, or placed a deposit on a car, I would ask your dealer what the heck is going on.
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Very interesting information there I decided to register and get a price on exactly the same spec car (I did order once pre order was available) even though I have my C-HR :( I was quoted £1,741 less than I paid :(, had a call from the company above and he stated they only make £300 per car but that is still one heck of a discount and my local dealer would hand over this car to me and not very impressed with the dealer if discounts could have been done why didn't they as I'm a long standing customer of them.
Yes, and I'm willing to bet they have to pay more per car than a Toyota dealership does, so the dealer profit margin must be very substantial.
well call me old fashioned but i would rather know where my money is going than some company on the net ,unless someone i know has used them and recommended i would stay well clear
This particular broker has been in business a number of years and has a lot of satisfied customers. Many buyers use car brokers as they are fed up with being ripped off by dealerships, and can save a lot of money in the process. In this case you don't actually pay for the car until the local Toyota dealer has delivered it to you, and you have had a chance to inspect it. Plenty of tools on the internet to find whether a company is legit and reliable, but I'm sure dealers count on people not being prepared to try alternative methods of purchasing a vehicle. I've used a number of brokers over the years and never had a problem. Unfortunately the same cannot always be said of buying face to face from franchised dealerships.
Interesting, I've used CARWOW to request quotes for a number of vehicles, including the C-HR. all 5 quotes from Toyota dealers are RRP.

Mitsubushi PHEV quotes can be as much as 19.5% off RRP for a finance deal!!
I spoke to a Toyota Centre Dealer Principle today, and he admitted that Toyota had nothing to do with the decision to offer no discounts on the CHR. The reason is that because allocation of the cars are "so limited", and because the car is extremely popular, they simply don't need to give any. He told me that his dealership was limited to 70 CHRs in 2017. Apparently Toyota are keen to create "exclusivity" for the CHR, and also high residual values.

Hmmm, I think he actually expected me to believe all this nonsense, and I'm sure if he has sold his allocation of CHRs by June, Toyota aren't going to refuse to supply him with further vehicles until January 2018. I'm equally sure that Toyota are in the business of selling cars, not limiting numbers to make a model more exclusive. As for trying to retain high residuals, I honestly don't believe they would care what your car is worth once they have your money, and you have driven off the forecourt.

I remember a similar scenario when the GT 86 was launched. I got e-mail after e-mail telling me I needed to put a deposit down quickly because numbers were limited, and the allocation of cars was selling out fast. What a crock that was!!

The truth is they are perpetuating a myth about strict allocations, blaming Toyota for the "no discounts" policy, and just being plain greedy as they always are.

I cancelled my order for a CHR today, and intend to re-order with this broker at the weekend. The £2000 I am saving is a lot better in my pocket than in the pockets of stealers.
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well let us know when you you get it,it will be interesting to see if you will get it any sooner than a main dealer ,
I've been given exactly the same date, but been advised it is likely to be a few days early.
In the UK, If you're buying any new car on finance/pcp, then surely everyone knows that car brokers will be cheaper?

Not only that but it will be supplied by a main dealer, although in some cases this may not be near you.

Savvy buyers that have the money to buy outright usually take the finance out and then pay it off within 14 days and therefore get the discount and zero interest charges.

Albeit new models will have less broker stock.

I've never been in the position to afford the cash price up-front, so the broker deals haven't attracted me.
Hi Guys,

For guys worry about buying from broker, Arnold Clark Toyota is doing amazing deal on Chr Hybrid. Nationwide delivery for £87.00 plus trade in and finance.

Spoke to the Ary Toyota dealership and confirmed the details.

Hope this help!

Before buying back in November 17 from my local dealer I used Carwow to get a price. No dealer would offer me discount directly on the site but all but 1 contracted me directly and offered discount from £450 to £900.
Armed with this I sat with my dealer and simply said " I will order the car now if you match the best deal" the best part of a hour later a very stressed sales manager agreed on the discount. Hand shaken discount agreed deal done, car ordered. There are always discounts you need to do your home work stand your ground and be prepared to walk away.
Hi, new to the Forum and looking to buy a CHR shortly, but waiting for the new specs to be released. looking at discounts has anyone used Autoebid, seem to have around 12% discount on all CHR's
Katsim, I heard they were making some changes, new design version between icon and excel and some tweets nothing major, black seats in dynamic
Petes I've read that the new edition will have apple carplay!
Katsim said:
Petes I've read that the new edition will have apple carplay!
Link or didn't happen
Karmalakas said:
Katsim said:
Petes I've read that the new edition will have apple carplay!
Link or didn't happen
If that helps
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