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Disabling Parking Sensors

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Anyone already figured out how to *temporarily* disable the parking/corner sensors from beeping? For example you wait on a red light and then you get a cyclist near the sensor.
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On main instrument console centre display. Use the arrows on the steering wheel to move across to settings then arrow down to the parking sensor icon and press the dot button. Lots of other settings in there too.
Can you show me what the Parking Sensor Icon looks like as it is not shown in my manual
On page 352 of the manual 'enabling/disabling the Toyota parking assist sensor'
It can only be done from the menu, no direct button.
I had this the other day at traffic lights when I had to squeeze up to car in front because of 'keep clear' box and the beeper started going. I just pushed into 'P' while I waited at the lights. That stops the beeper temporarily.
There is optional a switch available but it disables only the rear sensors.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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