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Delivery times

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Placed my order for a CHR Dynamic Hybrid at the beginning of last week, and salesman called me today to say delivery would be middle to end of March. I was initially told end of February to first week of March, so rather worried that the new date is running uncomfortably close to the £140 road tax for the vehicle, which comes into force for most new cars registered on or after 1st April. I will not be best pleased if that happens. Anyone else placed an order in the last few days and been given an earlier delivery time??
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I'm ordering mine (in Lithuania) on Monday and asked dealer how long the wait will be. He said they only have one package in warehouse so I'd have wait for 4 to 5 months.
I ordered my CHR mid November and was advised it would be with the me on 10th January. Was told last week the delivery will be on or after 27 February. To say the least unimpressed with Toyota's attitude. It took customer services 5 days to come back to me a non answer. "The delivery dates are only guides." They could not explain why 3 cars delivered to the dealer came early and all of which were ordered well after my order had be made.
Further update now advised my car will be delivered some time in March. What a joke so the delivery date will have passed by 8 weeks.
That's really bad. I was given a delivery date on a Dynamic with Premium Pack of 5th March today, which is only a week after your new date, but 2 months after your order was placed. Excel with Premium pack was quoted as 1st February. Something not right about that, and I'd be deeply suspicious they had let your car go to someone else who wasn't prepared to wait, in order to save losing their business. What spec did you go for??
Hi ,
I think it's very shabby. If it was not that I want the car so much I would have told them to give me my deposit back and keep the car whenever it arrives.
My order was for a 1.2 dynamic auto.
Ask for a case to be raised by Toyota Customer Services. The minimum you will get is a free service worth a couple of hundred quid, and you might even get more. The key to dealing with issues like this is make as big a deal of it as possible. Involve the dealer principal at your dealership by writing to him/her, and see what you can get out of them. It's worked very nicely for me in the past!!
Ordered mine mid-Dec and was quoted 20 Jan ( provided I did not ask for factory fit options or bronze colour). Spoke to the salesman today and still set for delivery on Friday (20th) so fortunately no problems for me.
TBH Toyota doesn't seem to have a clue when the car will arrive it's just a guestimate as I was orginally told 10th January, once the accessories were available I added the protection pack date then changed to 20th January the car was at the docks early December and it arrived at the dealership 3rd January but could not pick it up till the 10th due to Toyota putting a lauch date on the car in the UK.
Toyota_Fan said:
till the 10th due to Toyota putting a lauch date on the car in the UK
Just going off topic slightly, but I had an email from my dealer (via Toyota) before Christmas saying that the launch date was 5th January!

There seems to be a lot of "the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing" going on with this car.
Yes definately seems that way as on ToyotaGB's twitter someone got the car on the 6th January.
Yesterday I've ordered mine. All I've got, was "We hope it arrives on May" :(
My company ordered a Dynamic Hybrid in Blue with Black today - told early feb delivery
When you say blue with black, so you mean black & blue cloth upholstery, or blue car with black leather??
I believe it's blue w/ black roof :)
Ah, just the standard Dynamic with cloth upholstery. I really can't bring myself to like that blue and black cloth, and several sales staff have told me they don't like it, and nor do a lot of customers. I really don't know what possessed Toyota to use it on their top of the range model. One salesman ventured that Toyota might think that if customers were prepared to pay £1500 for a black roof and led lighting, they would probably be prepared to pay another £1500 for leather and a stereo upgrade. He also told me that a lot of customers for the dynamic had said how uninspiring the upholstery on the car was, but had loved everything else about the car so much, they were willing to overlook it. Sadly. faced with looking at it and sitting on it everyday, I don't think I would be able to.
Yes I didn't phrase that well meant Blue with Black Roof - i.e. Standard Dynamic. (Company colours are blue, black and red so they are going for Red accents will be interesting how that looks) Went for Dynamic to get the blue - didn't want the base model.

Standard cloth interior - although was told ordering leather would have made no difference to delivery time.
ordered mine yesterday hybrid, delivery estimate 10-14 weeks I was told
Mine has arrived today, order was made on september 28th, I'll get it this friday ,can't wait !! :)
Ordered mine 14/11. Delivery confirmed as 3/2/17. Would have been earlier but thats when my company lease runs out.
Its with dealers now.
UK Hybrid Dynamic in Metal steam
Ordered my CH-R today and salesman here in Cyprus said that Toyota have upped their production as they are now hoping to sell 150,000 CH-Rs globally and the factory in Turkey is operating 24/7.
Hopefully their isn't a drop in standards.
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