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Decuma Grey C-HR

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Hi all,

Had this beauty a few weeks now. Such a good looking car and great drive too. I still find it crazy how she parks herself!

Highly recommend! ❤


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hello and welcome Madams, got the metal stream myself be interesting to see them side by side one day
I've ordered mine in Decuma Grey too, albeit no frills base icon. From experience (and both of my neighbours with metallic grey cars) they simply don't show the dirt as acutely as any other on the road. Additionally the body mouldings tend to blend in with Decuma (see pic above) whereas they seem more visible with any other.

Ans, for some weird reason most dealers only seem to have metal stream as their demonstrators, given that this is the only colour most customers will see expect it to be the most common hue on the road :(
I wanted it from the day I saw it on the concept car, my dealer had a blue one and a black one as demonstrators the metal stream was inside the show room
Yeah I just love the dark grey, always wanted this colour in a car. The black roof and details still stand out as an accent which is good.

The lighter grey C-HR is in all the literature as I assume it really highlights the shape of the car (highlights and shadows on the angular cuts). I hope my dark grey colour stays pretty unique on the road too!

My old black Celica really showed the dirt! This should be a little more forgiving!
Excellent choice of colour :)
Lovely Car-My Decuma Grey with Black roof Dynamic is arriving 1st of March sooo excited
Wonderful colour!

I can't wait until my car will arrive.
There are not much Decuma Grey C-HR pictures to find on the internet.

Happy to see this picture looks really great.
Good luck with the car.
Is this Decuma Grey the same color like Royal Grey (1G3)?
seems that way Toyota DECUMA GREY Code 1G3
Got my grey icon today, good job I took pictures in the dealer as it was too wet and miserable to do later in the day

Plus points of the base model over ones further up in the range

1) No tinted rear windows so lets more light in
2) 17" alloys I can buy Michelin cross-climates for


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Great to see a photo of the Decuma grey, I'm struggling to find photos in this colour and haven't seen this colour in the flesh as my dealer had metal stream in showroom. Just ordered the same as you, I'm hoping the Decuma grey is enough of a contrast from the black roof. I wanted either the decuma or metal stream but metal stream was longer to wait for because it's the most popular colour, hopefully decuma will be unique! Should get mine on 24th
Yeah I ordered without seeing any pics of the colour (I knew I always wanted a dark grey car). You can see the contrast, and is just a nice touch rather than being a full colour all over. Pure personal preference.

I keep seeing pics of the metal or white with a black roof and it does make the car look longer and highlight the cut shapes so much more - but I'm happy I made the perfect choice for me!

Hope you enjoy yours (and that everyone else keeps buying the metal stream so we stand out!!)
Can I suggest you remove your licence plate numbers? Not a great idea to show them :)
I know some dodgy types who would be copying them lol
What is the point of hiding plate numbers?
If anyone want to use it can simply go to any parking and make photos.
If you was a criminal would you go looking in a car park when people are giving them up .You are making it easy for criminals by putting it on the net. cloning cars happens .better to be safe than sorry
ans said:
If you was a criminal would you go looking in a car park when people are giving them up .You are making it easy for criminals by putting it on the net. cloning cars happens .better to be safe than sorry
Absolutely. No point in making it easy for them. If they need a plate for a specific car the net is where they will look first. Just loominw out for you bud😊
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