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Daft question and sorry if already asked... wheel jack.

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Just playing with the car and checking the boot, i knew my hybrid didn't have a spare wheel, just the repair gunk, but should it have a jack and wheel nut spanner?

I've looked through the forum and chats about spare tyres etc but can't see exactly what should be included.

The manual says "if equipped" or something but isn't clear on what should be there.

Thanks in advance :)
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They do not come with a jack or spanner, nor do any cars that have the repair gunk, unless you have brought them extra.
I know what you mean, when I looked under the carpet in the boot I thought I'd been burgled! Not much of anything and loads of empty spaces where 'stuff' should be! Hopefully someone here will know if what we've been given is adequate.
You don't need a jack, if your tyre does down because of a puncture then the gunk will seal the hole, but if the tyre is ripped don't bother, just call out Toyota and they will come and help at no cost.

I had this in our Range Rover, again only come with gunk, the tyre was ripped off the rim, phoned Land Rover and they sent out a very nice chap who tried like mad to find a replacement tyre.. Couldn't find one, it was a Sunday, LR made for our Hotel, dinner and took us to the nearest LR dealer the following morning. Yes we had to pay for the tyre but the rest was free.
Cheers guys! Thought as much but my ocd doesn't like all those unfilled gaps, wish I'd swiped the one from my old Avensis now :(

Still, have managed to fill them with a variety of things, only thing that won't fit is my warning triangle but some old velcro straps have come in handy and it's now Velcro'd to the back of the rear seats :)
If you buy a spare tyre from Toyota then that does come with a Jack & Spanner.
Prior to purchase I asked my dealer about purchasing spare tyre etc and he was unable to give me a cost and made excuse about parts not being available. Does anybody have part numbers etc and approximate cost for a Dynamic Hybrid?
Thanks for the replies, not overly worried about the actual spare/ kit option just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

To be honest I had my Avensis for 8 years and never needed to change the tyres or use the jack once. Hopefully will have the same luck with my C-HR :)
So that's why I cannot find the jack. I got the repair kit as well. I'm not the only one puzzled. I will come back to toyota this weekend as they'll install the remaining of the accent pack (mirror covers and centre wheel caps). Will ask the question too just for curiosity sake.
The part number of the space saver wheel kit is GBNGA-CHRSS-VP. It comes with a space saver spare wheel, polystyrene floor supports, new floor, holding down screw, jack and wheel wrench. It raises the boot floor a few inches to almost the same level as when the back seats are folded down. You just swap the existing polystyrene packing and floor with the new one.
Its quite expensive, its whether you want to go to the expense or not.
When I bought my car last month the Dealer wasn't that interested in selling me one and said they weren't available at the time.
I got one from Burrows auto parts in Sheffield.
I just don't trust the aerosol can of gunk, it just doesn't work.
Some people are happy enough with it, which is fair enough. Its just your own personal choice and peace of mind.
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