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Chr reversing light flashing issue

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Just had the orange edition in for service and it's first MOT. They washed car too.
Anyway selected reverse this morning in semi darkness and the reverse light was coming on for maybe a second then going off for a second and then on and off.
Faulty bulb ? Water ?
Anyone had this issue ?
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Just got mine last week but it sounds like a loose connection, maybe try reseating the bulb and hoping for the best!
Been into Toyota today. Needs new circuit board.. ordered under warranty..
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That's crazy that it needs a circuit board just for the reversing light! That's why old cars are superior at times!
I would suspect the Orange edition being a top trim has the LED type reverse light & its non user replaceable according to the owners manual.

There's different exterior lighting options of halogen or LED on UK spec C-HR depending on age & spec.
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