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CHR - Intelligent Clearance Sonar

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Does anybody know whether the Intelligent Park Assist on the CHR incorporates the Intelligent Clearance Sonar featured on the Prius, which stops the car in the event of pedal misapplication whilst reversing, or if the car detects an obstacle is too close whilst parking/reversing?
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@ lee789,
When I test driove the C-HR once were back at the dealership we tested the park assist and the car sensors went off and lucky the salesman shouted stop as I almost damaged the C-HR so I'd say no.
Thanks, I suspected as much. I really do find it hard to justify the price difference between the CHR Dynamic, and the better equipped and cheaper Prius Excel. I accept the CHR is a more striking looking vehicle, but it's already priced at £28k for the Dynamic Hybrid, and then you have to fork out £1600 for leather and a JBL stereo that come standard on the Prius. Toyota really should have made that JBL a separate option, because a lot of customers probably want the unique fabric, or fabric and half leather, and have the option to specify the stereo on its own. Other benefits the Prius has over the CHR Hybrid Dynamic is that it comes with Head Up Display, the Clearance Sonar mentioned, it's quicker, more fuel efficient, and better insulated against engine and road noise.. Shame it's looks are so divisive!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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