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Being old school, I do like to listen to a CD in a car from time to time. Someone on here (I believe) has bought a personal CD player from Argos which works successfully. For the life of me (being old) I cannot remember where I read this. Any help appreciated. I believe the unit cost about £20.
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Could be this one. I think it can be connected via the headphone socket to the aux in on the car, but it is battery powered. I find it annoying that you don't even get the option of a CD player nowadays, so I just rip all my albums to MP3 files, and put them on a USB stick.
page 24 C-HR_NAVI_Europe_OM10545E .i believe any portable cd player and a stereo 3.5mm jack lead should work
Yeah any player with an anti jog to cope with the stiff suspension. Alternatively download dBpoweamp CD Ripper free, and transfer your CDs in high quality MP3 to USB sticks. These should hold at least 120 albums in very high quality.
Much more convenient and tidy too, although I do understand wanting the old school CD player.
Get them all on an external hard drive cant you rather than a momory stick?
I doubt the USB in car is powerful enough to power a proper external HDD. You can get some un powered ones but I have found them to be less reliable. Just my opinion. However your USB stick requires only your standard usb port for playback. That and the additional bulk and storage of a full HDD makes the stick much more convenient.

To be honest though all my music is on my phone which connects to the car via Bluetooth. So all my music plays via car control with full phone support. I think the CHR has a level of voice activated music control also when paired to your phone? So that makes much more sense. Anyone used this feature that can comment ?

So to recap. I think you would be best ripping your CD as lee789 said and then transferring them onto USB or your mobile if you have a smart phone. Even smart phones cost very little these days with most having enough room for lots of music.

You have me remembering the old 8 track player my dad used to have in his car :)
i have western elements usb powered hard drive that i will try and report back
well its a no ,the light comes on but the drive is not recognised 1tb western elements, you never know other people may have better luck, i know my 128gb sandisk usb stick works ok
I've never managed to get a USB powered external HD to work in any of my cars. Usually the port does not provide enough power for the drive, and on the couple of cars that have provided enough power, the drive was too big for the car to handle. A car with a nice big 500 GB internal storage, and the facility to send music and video files to it, in the same way you can send routes to navigation, would be a neat idea. And while I'm at it, a built in 360 degree camera system that records your journeys onto a small internal hard drive, so that you don't have to mount one of the after market forward facing cameras, and faff around with SD cards and power leads.
i read somewhere that the radar system on the c-hr does record whats going and in the event of a major accident could be used if toyota released the info,but dont know if it true or not
Possibly to check and see if an accident resulted from failure of the car's technology systems, like forward collision warning, or adaptive cruise control.
Thanks for all the info, Guys!!
What's the point of external HDD? Do you really need more than 256GB or even 128GB (that's around 30 000 songs in 320kbps) of MP3s?
Hi It was me, i purchased a CD Player from Argos.
You NEED a SHOCK PROOF one, with a Lead long enough to fit in to Auxillary Socket.
An ordinary small Headphone type.
Problems are: There is not enough scope, to take up Volume, with the cars entertainment system,
you will have to Physically open the Glove Compartment, if you store it in here & TURN IT ON,
Press PLAY & Then up the Volume, on the CD Player.
It's OK, but nowhere near as having a proper one fitted.
Best get used to using your USB INPUT & Learn to copy your wonderful CDS, on to Flash Drives,
or in fact, I go YOU TUBE:-
SEARCH what I require, Download & Convert them all, to MP3.
It takes a log time, to do this, but it can be pleasurable.
If you cant or don't want to do this, ask a Friend.

Don't go using any more than 16 GB to a Max 32 GB Flash Drives, because it's far too much, for the system to handle, at times.
Also you cannot connect an External USB intended for any Computer, I have tried all of this.
ENJOY.. It took me a lot of Agony, All my many hundreds of CD's are scattered all over my home & not in the car.
Of course, its not as simple, a task of finding exactly the TRACKS, or SONGS you want.
However, using the Built in Entertainment System, its POSSIBLE to ASK it to PLAY a SONG or TRACK.
It again can take time & some patience. But stick with it.
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