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Cash purchase?

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Would seriously consider a straight cash purchase as savings rates are so low.
But it's ridiculous that dealers will still not budge on discount in spite of the fact that these cars are not "flying out the door".
Love the car but there's absolutely no other incentive to buy.
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Exactly, and once they face the fact that sales are not as great as they were bragging about, and the road tax factor kicks in, there will be discounts. Brokers are already offering £3-£4k off list if you look hard enough.
My local dealer reckons they've sold 35 already although I've yet to see a single one on the road.

Personally, I think it's the dark cabin (needs a full length glass roof Civic GT style) and low powered engine that are killing the sales. As I said elsewhere, I drove the Vitara 1.4S this morning and in terms of performance, it was a far livelier and more sporty drive than the 1.2T with ride comfort and handling on a par, all for £7K less than the top Dynamic, with lower emissions and better economy. Plus it had the advantage of multi-mode 4x4, diff lock and hill descent control despite the lower price.

Out of the two, given the way it was on a par in many areas and it drove better, I'd buy the Vitara every time. I could live with the hard plastics simply because the driving experience was so much better.

If it's true that sales are slow, then I expect there will be some big discounting soon.

In my opinion, Toyota seriously misjudged the sporty younger buyers market thinking they'd buy a car with 114bhp or a Prius engine!

The Juke is one of Nissan's best selling cars and even the standard Juke has 190bhp, with the sporty Nismo having 220 bhp.

Toyota's best option in my opinion, is fit a glass roof, replace the Nimh batteries with Li and de-restrict the electric motors to release all those extra horses, fit a manual box a standard with CVT as the option, and consider uprating the 4wd system to something more useful in winter, plus lower the price. Then in my opinion, they'd have a car with a wider appeal.
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The problem the UK is being ripped off again in terms of pricing. Here in Cyprus all though the trims are slightly different.
If I was to spec out the same car as UK it is about £3000 cheaper than UK and that's with current exchange rate. If like last year it was €1.40 to the £ then it would be nearly £5000 saving.
I'm lucky as I'm serving so get the VAT back so massive saving (excel trim £16500).
But even the extras here are cheaper and I managed to get front and rear under run, chrome boot protector and chrome fog lights thrown in.

UK dealers seem to be pulling a fast one.

Even other cars like the Honda HRV and Quashqai I looked at were the same as UK spec but we're about £3000 cheaper.
Like the 80's being ripped off again in the UK.
The dealer I spoke to said Toyota charge so much because UK Toyota customers tend to be older and richer and willing to pay a premium.

Can't really understand that logic with the C-HR. It clearly seems aimed at a younger market - I'd say 30-50's. On that basis, the price and specs are all wrong for the market in my opinion. Not many in that price bracket are going to buy what is essentially a coupe 4WD, with a 114bhp or a Prius engine, for a high price - (yep I know it has 4 doors but it isn't massively spacious in the back for leg room or the boot - it's very much a bachelors' car although it can carry 4 in relative comfort) .

Even then, I believe many items on the options list are standard on the competition once you get off Dynamic grade.

I personally think the C-Hr is a great car and would be competitive, were it not for the changes I outlined as being needed above. Just my opinion though and I take nothing away from those of you that love it.
RHC said:
I'd say 30-50's.
Just hold a minute - I left that age group many years ago (far too many) :lol: :lol: :lol:
TPM have you tried websites like carwow?

They have the C-HR listed.
MarkyMUK said:
TPM have you tried websites like carwow?

They have the C-HR listed.
I tired CarWow a few times with different accessories across the Excel and Dynamic. Essentially 3 combinations for each. Every single response from the dealers was list price with a discount of £0. Pathetic. In the end I got a discount of £3k through my work but reckon you'd be hard pushed to get anything off (within the UK) unless you're taking advantage of a military discount or emergency services discount.
david63 said:
RHC said:
I'd say 30-50's.
Just hold a minute - I left that age group many years ago (far too many) :lol: :lol: :lol:
All credit to you. Too many older people just want square boxes. :)
Just paid my deposit and await Dynamic with leather seats - got a few hundred off local dealer so went for it reluctantly. Scandalous the prices we are paying but I suppose we have only ourselves to blame as we are creating the market for whatever reason.
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