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I did our C-HR today. Utterly filthy as not cleaned since November :oops:

I decided to do a thorough job.

Used Autoglym's new Polar Blast snow foam, their new Magma fallout remover, tar & glue remover & acid free wheel cleaner.

I also did the underbody with this

Karcher chassis cleaner. Once washes off, I used an industrial cleaner & wax solution in the upside down snow foam bottle which comes with the kit.

I topped the bodywork & wheels off with the latest craze product - Carplan No.1 Supergloss.

Looks amazing although I do have a few stone chips to attend too.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

Car Vehicle Wheel Tire Hood

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Plant

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Hood

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Vehicle cover

I did the interior too.

Other than the problems I've reported with the dash topper, I'm amazed at the marks on the hard door plastic & the bobbles on the "carpet" which is on the seat bases of the fronts seats when seen from the rear seats.

Hardly tough & hard wearing :roll:



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looks nice, love a bit of snow foam
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