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C-HR Test Drives

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Had the pleasure of taking a C-HR Excel hybrid out for a test drive in North/West London this morning.

Although I didn't get it into sport mode, it was a pretty engaging drive. Love the tech that makes life much more easier- such as blind spot detection, speed camera alerts, and the current road speed displayed on the main map and on the dash itself.

Steering was great, and the engine was very responsive. Despite all the scare stories I've heard about noise, I thought it was pretty quiet (mind you I drive a diesel now, so anything will appear quieter to my ears!).

One thing that worried me was the view from the rear window, but it was actually fine and I had no issues with that at all.

I'm 5'10" and a large build, but the driving seat was very comfortable to sit in, and the height of the car gives a nice high view of the road.

A friend of mine sat in the back and said it was pretty spacious with good leg room (he's 5'10"), although it was a bit dark due to the size of the windows and the fact they were tinted. He said the drive was extremely smooth with no noise issues.

I was very impressed with it.

The showroom is getting a Dynamic in, and I'm going to have a look around as soon as I can.
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I took a Dynamic Hybrid out today, overall impression was the same as freaky beans, noise level was very acceptable and a much sportier drive than I was expecting, at the present I am driving BMW X3 and it was well on a par with that. The steering especially was excellent
Have now tested a 1.2 Excel manual and a Dynamic Hybrid. Thought the seats were much nicer in the Excel. Turning circle of the CH-R is excellent too! As for the drive, performance-wise very similar, and the hybrid was so much easier in traffic, as very little input was required to the transmission. It seemed to do it all itself. I have noted comment elsewhere regarding the hybrid lacking performance when joining a motorway, so will have to take another test drive soon.

So far, am torn between the two. Really wanted a panoramic roof though.
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