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C-HR parking sensor screen

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I have seen this couple times on C-HR screen.
All sensors are clean and no snow on sensors.
Temperature is below zero (Cels)
Can´t find any help from the manual...
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Is it displayed permanently, or only for a few seconds? If only for a few seconds could be a system check?
stays on until you press "backspace"
this shows only some times, not on every start
Strange. Have you tested all the senors are working? When the screen is displayed are any of the sensors highlighted, and is there any beeping? I've seen a similar thing happen on a Hyundai, where if one sensor develops a fault, they all stop working, and a screen like this continues to flash up.
Hi Lee789,

I wonder if you can help. I have just received my CHR and the parking sensors work fine as far as the audio goes but I have no display on the multi information display to show me which detectors are going off and how close I am.

I have searched through every option in the settings and the handbook but can't find any way of 'activating' my sensor display. Could you tell me where yours is located or if you needed to change a setting to make it visible?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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