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C-HR Is Here !!!!!

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Hi Guys,
My C-HR was delivered to the dealer today with the protection pack on, salesman emailed me at 7pm and said in his email "Do you want to come and look at your new car tomorrow" with a front view picture of it I'll post pictures once I pick it up so you'll have to wait :p

PS Rob feel free to move it to Members Gallery :)
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Well okay here are some pictures of it prior to PDI oh BTW the car cannot be registered before the 10/11 January as thats when it's launched in the UK

Just a few issues that need ironing out no scuff plates on driver/passenger door sill and the boot liner is a design fault/does not fit, have told Toyota Customer services about it and 5 miles on the clock :)
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Saw it this morning. Bet you can't wait! Enjoy!!
Nope really cant wait went back to insurer Adrian Flux and to insure that car total was £835 with £200 excess I said thats too expensive, did some comparisons £461 and in the end rung Direct Line £358 with £400 excess, back to Adrian Flux said raise the Excess to £400 they said quotes were £900+ so at Direct Line the underwriter said as they did not have the C-HR listed they would quote as Juke but asked that they made a note of thist so price statns for 30 days :)

PS you sure it was this one by the wash bays as there is another one :)
Wow !!! great CHR !!!! like mine !!! good choice m8
One was parked by the service bay in that back row in your photo with the red rav4, the other was down by the wash bay, nose facing towards the workshop. Both were metalstream Excels.
Ah okay my car was by the wash bays with it's back to the road and had the protection pack on ie mudflaps on where as I dont think the other metal stream did.

@engelo thanks for the compliment I wonder if there will be alot in that colour in Dynamic or Excel will be interesting to see.
Had an email last night saying all the issues should be all solved by early next week, should be able to pick up my car on the C-HR launch date 10th January :D :shock: :D :shock: :D :shock: :D :shock: :D :shock: :D :shock: :D :shock: :D :shock: :D :shock: :D :shock: :D :shock: :D :shock: :D
Get mine on Thursday 12th
can't wait.
@Rikpo bet you cant wait and looking forward to it like me :)
Will be picking the car up Tuesday just confirmation on Monday that everything is ready just minus a few bits rear boot liner as there are 3 types the wrong one was put in and front driver/passenger Scuff Plates the supplier of these is late to supply so will go back to dealer to have these fitted once in at a later date :(
Hi toyota_fan, I'm jealous 2 days before me.
Forecasting snow by the end of the week though, hope there's not too much.
Lucky you for snow very rarely if at all see snow down here on the UK's south coast. :D
Nice colour congratulations on your C-HR. :)
Rob said:
Very nice, looks great in blue!
Let's be fair - it looks great in any colour!
Interior Pcitures of the Premium Pack:

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Looks good! Are you pleased with the car, and are you experiencing a lot of "double takes" and compliments from people? I borrowed an Excel in Metal Stream for the day last week, and it created a lot of interest.
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