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C-HR Insurance

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What have been the experiences of those who have already been fortunate enough to get their C-HR with insurance?

Obviously it is not a problem as such - but is it something that is going to give my wallet some degree of pain or am I going to be pleasantly surprised?

Have there been any - "What car is that?" responses?
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I got sorted and partner for 202£ full comp with 2 years no claims,so very good i thought :)
I did not get a full annual quote but when I phoned to change over from my Prius they gave me a refund! (Which surprised me)
I have Excel hybrid by the way.
been quoted £200-£280 ten years protected no claims with spouse,hire car and motor legal cover ,
£35 pounds to extend existing insurance for 2 months
Will be transferring my Audi insurance when I get mine 1st March.

Current insurance is £320 with max NCD, business miles, and 6 points on my license with declared mileage of 16k As that will have exactly 6 months to run have been advised there is a £20 admin fee plus an extra £35 to pay. This would indicate that my new insurance will be £195pa, but I do live in one of the lowest insurance risk areas in the UK (rural Somerset).
I was quoted £8 a year more than on my current Rav4
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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