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C-HR in winter

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Hi and greetings from winterly Finland!

Today it was snowing heavily and it was a big suprise how well the front wheel drive C-HR Hybrid went on snowy roads.

The driving touch and going were much better than former Avensis or Auris Hybrid.

I just wonder how great it will be with four wheel drive version.

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hi, good to know, thanks for the feedback! Where are you in Finland ?
Hi, thanks for posting this info. We went to the mountains the other week, but I didn't risk taking the new C-HR. My husband drove his 4x4 Tiguan instead. The roads were covered in ice and slippery, I wonder how C-HR would behave in such conditions. It says somewhere in the manual, that it's not recommended to drive it in extreme weather conditions the first 1000 km.
We live in Southern Finland, the Capital area of Helsinki. The end of the year and the beginning of winter was here very rainy and exceptionally warm (no snow and dark...). This week we have snow falls and it's really looks like winter.

I do have hooks in the winter tires and the tires are new with good grip.

The more I drive the C-HR the more I like it. Only thing to be studied is the working of the fan and heater to keep the windows clean.
Yesterday the car even warned on THF screen about the snow and frost outside the car!!!

Cheers Reima


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Thanks, looks great in white on white landscape !
Now I understand why there are so many great rally drivers from Finland ;)
Its a beauty !!!!! nice colour !
Its - 25 here in Seinäjoki Finland today : :D Hei how did C-HR react in this cold?
We had today in capital area, Espoo - Vantaa, about -18 degrees Celsius.
No problems with the engine, starting or driving and no extra noises.
Only the warning light of tire pressures activated and went off after adding 0,2 bar extra pressure.
And just loved the steering wheel's warmer :-D !
Its great news,, hopefully i will get mine C-HR next week
Looks beautiful in the snow! All we get is rain in Ireland!!
Looks great!
Any car whether AWD or FWD/RWD will benefit from winter rubber.

Here in my part of the UK (Somerset) it rarely snows but both of my cars (Audi A6 quattro/Jaguar XK8) are shod in winter tyres. Today it was just minus 4 but my Jag had absolutely no problems.

There was a test of a AWD and a FWD car (same type) driven up a snow/ice ramp, the FWD got to the end of the course with winter tyres, the AWD with summer tyres only got halfway up! I think many AWD drivers (in the UK) are quite complacent and seem to believe that just because they have drive to all wheels assures them of safety, when those that regularly drive in sub zero (or sub 7 degrees C) really notice the difference on winter rubber.

I'll be ordering a set of winter tyres in Summer for my C-HR (they are cheaper than buying in winter) and putting them on Dec-March as needed :)
There is a huge difference in proper winter tires and the more common "all year" tires common in central Europe. In Norway you have to buy two sets of tires with your car, winter and summer.
Hi, I am a Japanese C-HR user.
Do you have the option of steering wheel's warmer?
In Japan, there are no options.

If so, let me know more information.
Do you have the option of steering wheel's warmer?
We do
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