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C-HR Boot Liner

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Hi, has anyone been able to purchase a protective boot liner for their C-HR....other than the £60 Toyota one? I've googled some sites and purchased some car mats but can't find any boot liners.
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doh! lol.....that the best way to get one david63 :)
Mine came with the car to I'm afraid
I'm getting one free with the car too..........
Mine came with the car. You could point this fact out to your dealer, and maybe they will chuck one in free for you?
Free for me too I insisted on one. It is excellent, it grips the case I carry in the boot so it doesn't move an inch.
Where do I get the bootliner for C-HR that fits my sparewheeled model? The old one does not fit anymore!
Have contacted my dealer to see if I can 'obtain' one :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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