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Boot liner. Does it cover the rear seats when folded

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My wife c-hr arrives thursday and just wondered if the optional boot liner covers the rear seats when folded down.
Reason for asking is I like to put my mt bike into the rear on the odd occasion I go out further afield.
Cant see the point of the roof rack ( spoils the looks ) for the amount I take bike elsewhere.
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If it is anything like the boot liner for the Prius then it will not - it just covers the "normal" boot floor.
:lol: Sometimes predictive text is just great
That's a good question mccldd, but the standard rubber liner only covers the normal boot area. Cars have had split folding rear seats for years, and the backs of the seats is usually carpeted, so as the whole purpose of split seats is to carry larger objects (like a bike) I have often wondered why manufacturers haven't come up with something that can be extended to cover the whole cargo area. How hard can it be?? A nice clean boot carpet with crap all over the backs of the seats isn't a great look!!
For the rear seats use an old beach towel :)
Yeah, that'll work, but it doesn't look nice. I think with the CHR there should be less of the stick on coloured bits of plastic rubbish, and some more practical stuff.
lee789 said:
Yeah, that'll work, but it doesn't look nice.
So says the man with a muddy mountain bike in his boot!? :D
Not me, even if I owned one, I wouldn't put a muddy bike in my car!!
Just treat the back of the seats with a good protectant or else fashion something with vecro and some other type of covering.

You say that the C-HR should have this, but I've owned cars that cost (new) twice as much and not a single one has had that feature even as an option. As an extreme example the Bentley Bentayga costs more than 5 times as much & has a far more sumptuous interior, but there's no 'seat back protection pack'.

Perhaps there's a market for you to set up your own business.....look forward to seeing you on Dragons Den :)
I have the C-HR boot liner & it only covers the flat boot area. It sits on top of the carpeted cover thats standard. I need it as it use the car for transporting surfboards & fold up kayaks so drippage is always an issue!! It seems to be grippy also & helps stop cases flying around the boot!
Thanks for your replies.
Ive, just ordered an extra large boot liner from Amazon just to see how well it fits, fingers crossed.
Otherwise I will have to see how high I need to lift the bike to get it onto a roof rack, priced up the tow bar one and reached 3 figures.
Wifes old Prius was great for sticking bike into the back off.
mccldd said:
priced up the tow bar one and reached 3 figures.
Where did you get the towbar/bike carrier quote from?

I remember Audi quoted me £1200+VAT for the bar, so I went to an independent who quoted me for the same westfalia retractable bar, a 4 bike rack and all electrics and light board, they even made me a number plate gratis, total cost was £587 inc.

Two months later I found out that the Audi dealer used the same place to have all of their towbars that's what I call a 'nice little earner' :(

That's what I call fleecing the customer (and why I call them stealerships)
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