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New to C-HR only had it 5 days.. Does anyone else know what the beeps mean when you start the car. I press the power on button and sometimes it beeps once some times it beeps twice I think they are different lengths as well. Its probably nothing but this is my first Toyota and also my first brand new car so not sure what they mean.

thanks in advance

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I think that is the normal procedure

One beep is normal
pag 221 of the user manual

Check that the "READY" indicator is illuminated.
If the "READY" indicator changes from a flashing light to a solid light and
the buzzer sounds, the hybrid system is starting normally.
The vehicle will not move when the "READY" indicator is off.
The vehicle can move when the "READY" indicator is on even if the engine
is stopped. (The gasoline engine starts or stops automatically in accordance
with the state of the vehicle.)
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