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Are there any new reviews about C-HR?

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I watched a lot reviews from youtube and Google about C-HR,, still not satisfied because there are very few of those in english . Are there any more link??
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Thanks for posting - very useful!!
Thanks for the details guys.
CHR features in this week's Auto Express and Autocar. Also a piece in Jan 17 edition of Car magazine. Pretty favourable but they don't like the hybrid (again).
The hybrid is quicker, road tax exempt at the moment, and does almost double the mpg. I don't understand the issues the press have with it, because I think it's a very good car. Now if Toyota had given us the 2.0L petrol engine the US are getting it might have been another story. Virtually all customers are going for the hybrid, just as they have when it came to a choice between the 300H hybrid version of the Lexus NX, and the 200T petrol. Resale values on the CHR hybrid are likely to be considerably higher too.
I love the look of the car and was always going to get the hybrid, but was a little dismayed at the reviews.

I think the press are basically saying 'It looks brilliant but is just a larger shell on a Prius engine/drivetrain' so less economical and not fast'

I'm not bothered how quick it is as have a car that does a sub 6.0 sec 0-60 time, the C-HR is just for getting to work as economically as possible, it's only 120 miles per week on rural am dying to know how long the EV will last on the 12 miles each way?
Interesting 'real person' review

Not much technical info although it does show intelligent park assist in use.

Interesting for all the 'proper' reviewers moaning about the light in the back the kid in this video didn't seem at all bothered.
Pretty good look at the Touch 2 & go entertainment system in the C-HR here
Real owner first thoughts
. He bought it as a replacement for a Land Rover Discovery Sport and does some comparison.
Nice to see the vid, am a little surprised that there aren't more out there and good to see that a Brit was one of the first. :)

Also nice to see he was chuffed coming from an LRDS!
Australian review:
of the 1.2 turbo - pretty positive
Nice test about the same impression I had with the Turbo CVT.
The Hybrid is a different cattle of fish

An other test and the most peculiar is that maintenance is going from 6 to 12 month.
Irish review of the turbo
An other review and alway,s complaining over the noise when accelerate.
But the noise has to do with the CVT system (similar) and not the hybrid system.

@holyhead I think the problem with that review is that James and Kate, whose reviews are usually pretty good, are coming from driving a Tesla so the noise probably seems more pronounced whereas for me the C-HR spend most of its time being beautifully silent with the occasional roar of power which I quite like.
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