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Anybody picking their CHR up tomorrow - question

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Firstly, really hope you enjoy your new cars! My question concerns the Nav system, and turn by turn guidance in the 4.2 inch TFT screen. The dealer swears blind the CHR does not have turn by turn instructions on the separate small TFT screen, but I saw a compass icon in the settings on his demo car, and the handbook says that when a route is set, turns are relayed to the TFT screen when that compass setting is selected. Dealer denies this, and says it's just a compass. I think he's wrong, so could someone please settle the question when they take delivery of their new car please. Many thanks!
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Hi Lee,
I will get navigation to get me home even though I know where I live and will report back, maybe other European owners may reply your answer before I get to if not I will let you know.
Thanks a lot, I would be really grateful. I'd be surprised if the function has been left off, as it's standard on most cars with Nav if they have a 2nd screen in the instrument panel. Don't know how familiar you are with Toyota settings, but in case you aren't familiar you use the steering wheel controls to navigate through the various functions on the little TFT screen, and then OK on the Compass Arrow icon. A bit fiddly if you are driving, but so is the decision to place the Eco, Normal and Sport mode settings in that menu system, and not have a separate button on the console for them. Totally mad!!
I aksed my dealer and he says yes it does have guidance ie arrows showing you the way to go it's just tunred off in the navigation menu as the satnav is a tomtom system.
Thanks for confirmation, I thought my dealer was wrong. I didn't realise until this morning that the higher spec cars come with CHR puddle lamps on the mirrors. I had seen photos, but assumed somebody had added these from an after market kit. Whoever produced the on-line CHR brochure needs to be shot, because a lot of information on the full spec is missing, and the photos are next to useless. I understand some dealers didn't even receive the printed brochure until yesterday. Talk about leaving things to the last minute!!
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