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Any suggestions for phone dock?

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Hey guys!
I'm waiting for my C-HR Exec Hybrid to arrive and I choose one without navigation considering I preferred using my phone in my old Mini even thought I had navigation installed.

Has anyone spotted a functional and good looking dock that suits the C-HR?

Windshield suction cup is out of the question, I need it to be discrete and stylish. :cool:

I'll post links below if I find any but all suggestions are appreciated!
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I'm getting one of these. I think it should be perfect in the front most cup holder.
holyhead said:
You'd have thought they'd have cleaned up all of the fingermarks before taking the pic! :shock:
I tried this one:

I liked it because it is shaped a bit like a diamond but having it on the driver side of the screen made the cruise control lever tangle with the cord and it didn't sit straight on the curve over the steering wheel so back to square one.

How did the cup-holder-thingy work out?
Mind to post a pic?
why do you need phone holder :?:
Bluetooth with speech command ,lots of points and a big fine for playing with your phone,
my phone doesnt leave my pocket
or am i missing something
KentElement said:
How did the cup-holder-thingy work out?
I've just ordered one and already got it, but still waiting for my C-HR (ordered Jan 11th and due date is May) :D I'll try not to forget you asked for the pics ;)

ans said:
why do you need phone holder :?:
There are some apps like Waze or Android Auto :) Toyota's infotainment doesn't deliver to everyone's needs ;)
TheMasahiro said:
Every holder I tried, which sticks to panel, didn't last an hour trip :) I had a few suction mounted on windshield - these were solid, but too large and clunky. My C-HR is already at the dealer's, so I'll update when I try this cup-holder-holder(?) :D
I'm trying to find one that doesn't stick to the windshield as it if they spent too much time under the sun the glue starts to melt on th windshield. (Not good). Gonna wait for your review on that one before buying it. 😉
I've never tried with the glue. Just a rubber suction cup. They held really good (just make sure the surface is clean), but as mentioned - too large and visually not so appealing :)
I have the Belkin for the cupholder.
Tomorrow I will take a few pictures, when mounted, in my C-HR ;)
Here some pics from the Belkin phone cupholder.
Because the cupholderfrom the C-HR is a little bit deep, put onthe bottem foam about 1/2 inch.
The cup holder from the C-HR is not full round so put on one off the tree siszes from the cupholder also foam about 1/2 inch.
You see picueres from;
-Belkin cupholder
-Belkin cupholder with foam
- Mounted in de C-HR
-With phone in landscape
-With other Navi device (Garmin)
-And finally with the ScanGaugeII.
So you can see you haves multiple possibilities
I've this for air vent:
It's very useful, it's in best position for see phone/navi, it has a rubber grip on phone and air vent, it has double screw on phone side and on air vent side
Looks nice Andries! Let us know after using it for awhile if it really works good!
rickyb75 said:
I've this for air vent:
It's very useful, it's in best position for see phone/navi, it has a rubber grip on phone and air vent, it has double screw on phone side and on air vent side
I have a similar grip like this now in my Prius and I'm looking for a good solution for the C-HR, because the one we have is a bit big. Do you have some pics of this grip in your C-HR? It would be great to see what this grip looks like with the air vents of the C-HR ;) Thanks!
@Lochey: I still do not have the C-HR. I'm using it on my Qashqai that has the horizontal vents as on the C-HR. I will take photos as soon as the car comes
I've Just received my CH-R last week and having used a windscreen mount for years with my Nissan I can categorically say Its not suitable takes up to much room looks hideous and as the auxiliary plug is in the centre console a pain to route charging cables to.

Im looking at a wireless charging holder which I can hardwire in only issue is where to mount it without obstructing cup holders and vents etc once I have a bit more info I will post some ideas.

I used to fit handsfree kits many years ago man cars have changed :)

Im also exploring the headrest mount options the Genuine units provide charging and other connections so Im assuming there is a power supply available under the seat somewhere as well as potentially AV and Audio inputs to the head unit. Has anyone any info ??

IF I could get screen mirror to work I would need a holder just stick my phone in the centre console and be done with it. Wish it had Android auto

C-HR 1.8 Hybrid Excel Eclipse Black
If anyone is still interested, I'm currently reviewing this phone holder, available on Amazon,
It ships from China so takes a couple of weeks to arrive but it looked like it would be a perfect solution to where our phones could go. It only arrived yesterday so todays drive will be it's first real test but, having put it straight in, it initially looks good. Here are a few pic's to give you an idea of what I had in mind.

The arm that holds extends to however far you need it to reach and also rotates up and down. It can also attach to glass as well as the plastic. I'll keep, any of you who are interested, updated on it's success or failure! lol
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@Ans - I think KentElement wants to use it for Google Maps etc. as his new motor doesn't have satnav
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