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Amazed at the price of Mudlaps in the UK

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In a positive way! :)

Appreciate I have an Audi A6 and a Jaguar XK, a front flap or rear flap set is circa £67, so £134 for all four.

Rang my local dealer and they said that a set of 4 was a mere £37 inc VAT!

Part number is apparently PW38910000 and there is lots of stock in the UK

I will order and fit myself as with any new car I've purchased I will wash/clay bar/wash/polish/wax/seal it before fitting the flaps. That way all paintwork (even those bits to be covered by the flaps) is protected.

Will also be applying Gyeon Q2 Fabric Coat to all carpets/seats and mats to protect the fabric long term.

Whew am getting tired of just thinking of all of the work to be done, so may have to take some time off work to do it all! :(
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thats a good find because on Toyota web page under accessories they are listed as £90
Ans. can you give a weblink please...I can't find c-hr accessories from their main site?
Wow, you guys in UK have some many add on extras!! Ireland gets very very little! I did get the mud-flaps with the car no extra, the only thing my dealer threw in!
Ans, the weblink is for assembly and fitting.

So clearly the labour charge for this is £53. Given that a set of 4 takes less than an hour to fit (and I'm not paid £53 per hour) I shall do them myself :)
it seems that way ,i wanted to get a spare wheel £150 then the dealer said well actually its more like £250 because you need the jack and odds and sods so i told them to forget it
Hi Mark,
Can you also tell us what products your going to use to wash and seal the car. My C-HR arrives on thursday.

First will apply ferrous remover
Then will wash the car
then clay bar medium compound
then wash again
then polish with meguires 3 step process
then apply some collonite 845
then seal with a nano sealant, see link below:

Will of course be treating the interior fabric/carpets and mats to a fabric protector too

You get tired reading that? :)
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Thats not cheap either MarkyMUK.
You reckon you coukd get away with a good wash and Collinite?
Mines acompany car after all!
Cheap is relative since i own the stuff already and do my two other cars once a year.

Oh, forgot to say I apply this stuff to the glass (also after a clay bar) and it generally lasts over 12 months:

But the collonite should do just fine :)
Thanks Mark,
I will go and look at getting the items you mention.
I already own some good cleaning stuff as I used to do my M3's as BMW paintwork is rubbish.
Mines in with a detailer today to get Visiontech on the glass, Protech on the alloys and Fusso on the paintwork.
@ Perrinss can you give some feedback back on the work the detailer carried out. And also where these guys are based.
Thanks 👍
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