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2021 CHR speed camera warning beeps help

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On the later built in SatNav media unit, the one with one volume control and no buttons. The satnav warning is two beeps, but very low volume, anyone know how to increase the volume. I've been through all the obvious settings, with no luck.
The Carplay apps work but their warnings are somewhat annoying, more of a speech. Mind Google app only shows the camera, no warning.
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I have the same issue. I can't find any way of adjusting the volume Toyota system in my 71 plate GR sport.
I’ve not gone senile just yet then 🤣 . On the old satnav you could adjust the volume easily, oh for progress 🤨
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I wear hearing aids when not driving, but is loud enough for me.

I do have frequency hearing issues though, so maybe it’s just the right pitch?
From memory of other posts you have to hear the two beeps then immediately and I mean immediately turn the volume up and hopefully this will work. I have a known red light camera that I approach to try and make this adjustment. I know others find this multimedia system ok but I believe it is pretty naff!
Ive tried that several times, either I'm too slow or it doesn't work. The old navigation allowed the same thing but also when the directions were being announced as well
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