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2017 Hybrid 1.8 for Sale Kent

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1.8 HYBRID ICON 17reg For sale only just run in so no extreme use.


Free road tax edition.

Paint treated with autogylm resin polish.

Plastics protected/treated.

Non smoker no pets or kids.

The main issue with this car was when i ordered it I specified no cleaners to be used. They instead plastered it in tyre shine and Scents and Im badly allergic.

Im not desperate to sell and will keep if I can't get an impatient buyer to pay a good price or someone that resents now paying the same tax as something far dirtier.

£23.500 ovno.

On my trips from Folkestone to Canterbury I get 70mpg indicated but usually around the 60 mark.

I have the original cash purchase receipt and all paperwork.

Think it had a crack on the inside of the windscreen I never noticed so thats in tomorrow to be looked at and almost certainly be replaced. Ive heard they sometimes use stronger after market screens too
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sorry to here you are selling, that is some bad allergie you have there ,hope you sell it ok, :(
What a shame! Good luck with the sale.
ans said:
sorry to here you are selling, that is some bad allergie you have there ,hope you sell it ok, :(
Im allergic to petrol perfume all sorts. Total pain. I really wanted a full electric so might join the Tesla club. The only reason I didn't is that I don't drive far each year and it didn't wow me on the test drive like I was expecting.

I had planned to make the chr LPG as the hybrid still aggitates me on long trips. I've been impressed with this car but lost faith in Toyota and their business ethics.
A shame as the same spec/colour as mine...And a darn sight cheaper too.

Good luck with the sale
Maybe you could have a look at the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, it's more in the same price range as the C-HR. It's not a crossover though.

Good luck with the sale and finding a "non alergic" car. Best of luck.
Good luck Leggara. Such a shame. I have put the word out for you.
Thanks Gary. I cant have a full electric car that has a short range as i don't have access to a charge point regularly. But my friend at a hotel in town would let me use the hotels station once a week. So id need a 300 mile range car ideally as i only do 250 miles a week.
Yes just waiting for the new windscreen to be fitted
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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