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2000 miles in I love the attention it gets.
Our Mpg is into the low 60's locally but not commuting and the South Wales run on motorway mid 50's driven at up to 80mph.
We use Eco on the drive settings.
There is a rattle at the back, I emptied the entire car including the spare wheel and surroundings, I'm fairly sure it's the tailgate area, but I'm waiting to be driven around so I can sit at the back and try and find it.
We do find that the sat nav volume increases on it's own when not being used, I'd have to be pretty unlucky if I was adjusting the radio volume every time the camera alert was coming through.
The glass and plastics alignment on the tailgate is poor.
Safety wise, and bearing in mind we are normally only driving with two of us and I noticed it on the test drive, is the inability to see behind you when getting out onto the road from the rear. The driver has to tell the passenger when it looks clear.
I still don't think it is as well built as the UK built Avensis and Auris cars I've had, but I suppose I may be mistaking weight saving techniques as quality issues.
OVERALL.. Still loving it :)

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Rattle in the back is probably rear number plate. :D
Loads of comments on here about it.
But glad you still like like it
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