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0-60 in 10 seconds in bmode?

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I know we arnt here to drag race but I just watched a video that seemed to cut the almost 12sec 0-60 to 10 seconds using B mode. Someone suggests in the comments it adds more electric assist. I would have guessed it keeps the gearbox in a higher ratio though (if it has this ability*just checked and pretty sure it doesnt). What do you think?
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I think 0-60 in 10 is highly unlikely, unless it's downhill with a following wind!! Most tests put it at nearer 11.7. Still perfectly adequate for most, but it does conflict with the car's sporty looks. I hate it when people upload 0-60 videos, and then don't back them up with accurate figures.
I spent a good ten minutes pausing the video and noticed what you said, Just under 12 seconds. Then on the bmode run it was much closer to ten seconds.

I know he could have changed incline or position. Shame we didnt get a view of the terrain. I dont think he boasted any figures, was just showing max speed etc.
Don't race the engine for the first 1000 miles? :)
I was just about to ask if any one has a run in engine and are willing to give this a go lol

*Ive just read up on the prius and bmode actually produces less regen. Instead using the engine as a pump to waste energy on long decents as it knows the battery will be full in no time. So less regen more power to the wheels then.
One other possibility is battery level. We cant see in the video but if the B run started with a more highly charged battery then there would be more electrical power to help accelerate.
You wonder why, if the car was capable of 10 seconds, didn't Toyota market it as some type of Launch Control and published a figure of 10 seconds?
I got 50mpg with aircon and 60 without roughly. I guess if everyone (customers and the press) start doing flat out 0-60s with no regen it would hammer the figures and not impress the wider audience. Maybe once they have made a first impression and got the mpg figures set they might bring out an update for a sportier sport mode in a year.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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