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  1. Faults & Technical
    Having looked through the forum, it seems that there were known issues with windscreens cracking on certain CHR models. I came out today and found heavy cracks across the windscreen. My initial thought is that someone threw something at it and cracked it, but wondering whether it's a fault from...
  2. Main Toyota C-HR chat
    Hi So basically I scraped my car on my garden wall as I was parking and it’s scratched my front bumper. The paint has been removed and you can now see the metal surface What would be the best way to correct this as I’m really stressing out? It belongs on finance and I need to fix all damages...
  3. Faults & Technical
    Hi there, I have a 2018 Toyota CHR. I've been using my iPhone to play music, works absolutely fine; displays artwork and can browse music from my library on Apple music. However, I've just purchased a android phone and the above couldn't be any further from what's happened. The phone...
1-3 of 3 Results